PASA – Pan African Sanctuary Alliance

We at PASA want to wish you all a great beginning of the new year, and hope you are safe and well. As the year 2020 is over, we want to thank you all for your support for Africa`s primates. We could NOT have made it through this unprecedented year without dedicated partners. During this year we have included virtual trainings instead of our annual conference. PASA organized a second joint webinar which discussed approaches to peer-to-peer fundraising and developing volunteer ambassador programs to build support for animal wildlife centers. A third webinar will be held later this month. Our Alliance continues to rescue great apes and monkeys from the illigal wildlife trade. PASA is in the middle of our largest rescue ever: 25 monkeys confiscated in Zimbabwe. With the support from SCT, J.A.C.K constructed naturalistic enclosures with multiple satellite compartments to give the monkeys a safe location while their health and potential for reintroduction to the wild are assessed. We will keep you updated on the arrival of the monkeys. Thank you again for being part of the PASA community and making these achievements possible. Wishing you all the best during 2021.     

In DRC structures at JACK are built for PASA`s largest rescue , thanks to donors.  
Now reopened, Tacugama is working with Sorbengi women to develop sustainable oyster production.
Seven chimps await a new home in Burundi

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