#World Chimpanzee Day! 🐵

🌿 African Apes Foundation & Sweden Chimpanzee Trust uppmärksammar idag World Chimpanzee Day! Schimpansens Dag! Tack till alla som arbetar hårt för att få bort ännu fler schimpanser från den illegala handeln. Tillsammans gör vi skillnad! Tack för ditt stöd. 🌿

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#Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

From the significant move of the group adolescent chimps to a forest enclosure (including Mortes!), providing fresh water to residents of a remote village, the construction of three new schools, the making of our first Tacugama series, collecting data of wild chimps and integrating many toddlers into groups with adult chimpanzees, Tacugama is so much more than a sanctuary!

This Sunday we will send out our quarterly report. Do you want to stay informed about the rescued chimpanzees and our conservation and education projects across the country?

Sign up today on the bottom of our home page!
➡️ https://www.tacugama.com/

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#Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary: The Western Chimpanzee is critically endangered and is one of the most endangered primates in the world. There are a few things you can do to help:

Adopt a chimp and become a guardian.

Donate toward the Chimpanzees upkeep

Volunteer with chimpanzee husbandry, community outreach, collecting data, and maintenance tasks

🌐: tacugama.com

#Pan Troglodytes ❤️

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#Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Photos of rescued chimps at Tacugama were all over the news this month in the UK!

The photos were taken by our friend and wildlife photographer Renato Granieri Photography and published in Daily Star, The Sun, The Times, Daily Express, and The Mirror 🙌

Thank you Renato 🙏💚

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#Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

🧠 🌍 ”If we cannot do the right thing toward this species, then what’s point in calling ourselves intelligent? -Bala Amarasekaran, Talking Apes Podcast, Season 1

Bala Amarasekaran is the founder and director of Tacugama and is the driving force behind Sierra Leone’s national animal movement and the effort to create a conservation movement unlike any in West Africa.

Listen to this throwback episode ▶️ https://talkingapes.org/posts/bala/

Photo ©GEllis/GLOBIO

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#Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

The Rainy Season has started 🌧️

Can you help us support the chimpanzees during the rainy season? As the rain intensifies, they face increased health challenges.

Your donation can provide them with the crucial medication and vitamins they need to boost their immune system. Many thanks for your support💚

➡️ https://www.tacugama.com/product/donate-medication-and-vitamins-during-rainy-season/

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Today we celebrate World Biodiversity Day, which highlights the multiplicity of life on Earth – from bacteria to mammals to plants and ecosystems.

Sadly, this biodiversity is severely threatened by the destruction of natural habitats, resource over exploitation, pollution and climate change, resulting in massive species extinction. Yet biodiversity is essential to our wellbeing and prosperity, providing us with food, drinking water, medicine and regulating our climate. That’s why this day is a call to action for all: everyone can help preserve the richness of life by adopting eco-responsible actions every day. Together, let’s celebrate and protect this wonderful diversity of living for future generations.

Today is World Biodiversity Day, celebrating the multiplicity of life forms on Earth: from bacteria to mammals, plants and ecosystems.

Unfortunately, this biodiversity is under serious threat from the destruction of natural habitats, over-exploitation of resources, pollution and climate change, leading to the mass extinction of species. Yet biodiversity is essential to our well-being and prosperity, providing us with food, drinking water and medicines, and regulating our climate. That’s why this day is a call to action for everyone: we can all help to preserve the richness of life by adopting eco-responsible actions in our daily lives. Together, let’s celebrate and protect this marvellous diversity of life for future generations.

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The success of our conservation initiatives hinge on the support of several organizations and the people that constitute them.

We want to take a moment to appreciate @qcellsl for their invaluable support. From providing free internet at the sanctuary to offering radio platforms for our communications team and facilitating seamless staff communication with free sim cards, your generosity is truly remarkable.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your unwavering support🙌

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Dear Sweden Chimpanzee Trust,

I want to start this brief update on PASA’s work with some wonderful news. In March, a PASA colleague informed us of a captive chimpanzee, Jenny, held in highly unsafe conditions in a garden in Libreville, Gabon. A victim of the illegal wildlife trade, Jenny was suffering terribly, and her dilapidated cage was not secure – threatening the safety of the public, as well as her own. Thanks to the quick work of our partners on the ground, the Gabonese National Park Agency authorities, and the ongoing support of our incredible donors and funders, we were able to move Jenny to PASA member Lekedi Park to begin her rehabilitation. We are all thrilled that Jenny is now in the safety of the sanctuary and receiving the expert care and attention that she needs to thrive.

I’m happy to share that PASA is holding two workshops for our member centers this year. Our Sanctuary Workshop will bring the leaders of our 23 member centers together under the theme, ”Protecting Wild Primates”. Our Community Education Workshop will bring together educators and community outreach personnel from our member centers to exchange experiences and knowledge, review latest best practices and ethical standards of community conservation, and share new and innovative methods of engaging communities with conservation in some of Africa’s most important conservation landscapes. These workshops are hugely beneficial to our members’ work, ensuring the combined specialist knowledge of decades of protecting primates is shared across the Alliance. If you would like to sponsor a sanctuary representative to attend these workshops, please get in touch!

Jenny before her rescue (left) and in transit to Lekedi Park, Gabon. Photo: Erwan Theleste.

I recently shared exciting news about the creation of the Boyoma Island chimpanzee sanctuary in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). DRC is a country of incredible biodiversity – especially with regards to primates – but overexploitation, extreme poverty, and the illegal wildlife trade are having devastating effects on its wildlife. In 2022, we created the Great Ape Taskforce to combine our member’s efforts to protect primates in DRC. I’m happy to say that we have recently begun work on two additional projects in the DRC to protect the future of its imperiled apes. With generous funding from the Arcus Foundation, we are working to understand drivers of urban primate consumption in a major city and identify ways to reduce demand. With support from the Darwin Initiative, we are also working with the DRC government to strengthen their response to the illegal wildlife trade and build capacity to tackle this terrible threat to endangered apes and monkeys in key areas across the country. I look forward to sharing updates from these projects over the next few years.

Finally, in West Africa, our Action for Chimpanzees project, supported by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Narcotics and International Affairs, has been making great strides in reaching the public with key conservation messaging. As part of this project, our member Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary has been broadcasting a series of radio jingles on stations throughout Sierra Leone to raise awareness about conserving chimpanzees. You can listen to one of these jingles here! The project also supports anti-poaching and biomonitoring patrols in vital chimpanzee habitat. Along with providing crucial data on chimpanzee populations and their threats, camera traps have captured some amazing images of the chimpanzees and other wildlife that we are working hard to protect. 

A wild chimpanzee caught on a camera trap in Sierra Leone as part of our INL-funded Action for Chimpanzees project. Photo: Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

By combining the rescue of individual chimps like Jenny, working with governments and partners to reduce threats to wild primates, and building the capacity of our members, we are securing a brighter future for Africa’s primates – and we couldn’t do any of it without our fantastic supporters and partners. Yours truly, Kelly (Executive Director) – PASA.

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