Support our eco-guards this #givingdayforapes 💪

Chimps belong in the wild and we all have a responsibility to prevent our closest animal relatives from extinction.

Help us to strengthen law enforcement and support our community eco-guards in Loma Mountains National Park.
Your support can help us deliver a greater impact to protect the approx. 1000 wild chimps in the area!

They are in urgent need of
🌟data collection equipment.

Choose your gift option and support our hero’s of nature conservation!

➡️ https://givingdayforapes.mightycause.com/organization/Tacugama-Chimpanzee-Sanctuary

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#Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

HERE WE GO! Giving Day for Apes 2021 has started and early giving starts today! ❤

With only 5500 chimps left in the wild and the alarming rate of chimpanzees we still receive at our sanctuary, we have no time to lose.That’s why we dedicate this year’s campaign to our project in Loma Mountains National Park, where we protect the highest concentration of chimps anywhere in West Africa!

About #GivingDayForApes
Giving Day for Apes (GDFA) is a worldwide fundraising contest between accredited sanctuaries for apes in America, Asia and Africa.From today on we have a whole month to raise as much funds and awareness as possible for our closest relatives.With your support we can win big prizes on Giving Day on October 12, and all donations coming in from today until October 12 on the platform will count towards Giving Day incentive awards.Your support, through direct donations and fundraising will determine how incentive funds are awarded by the hosts of this event: the Arcus Foundation – Great Ape Conservation and the Global Federal of Animal Sanctuaries.

Read all about our campaign and project to save the wild chimps in Loma Mountains on:

Please like, share and donate if you can. Every penny counts and we are forever grateful! ❤

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Thank you to all of the people and organizations who supported us when we were closed for visitors:
PASA Primates: Pan African Sanctuary Alliance, Walter Zoo, ASP, Max Planek, Zoos SA

Also thank you to Evelyn Castle, Lisa Nardi Gigenti, Kate Kigudde for your generous contributions.

We are so grateful for all of our supporters across the world who donated during this time through merchandise, guardianships and more.
Big or small, every penny counts.

Thank you💚

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#Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Today, on #internationalprimateday 🐵, we introduce to you: Bidi! ❤

Bidi is originally from Bo district. A mechanic had her until he was informed of the fines he would have to pay if kept her so he gave her up and she was brought to us by IMATT (International Military and Advisory Training Team) when she was 3 years old, back in in 2007.

Since then Bidi has become one quiet young adult female leader of the group New C.
She has the “power” of stomping her feet really loud. She enjoys eating bulgur, oranges and cucumbers.
Many years ago Bidi lost her best friend and since then she is open and excited to make new friends.

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Tika & his friends are consuming 250kg of fruit & vegetables daily! 🍌🍇🍊

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#Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

2020, marked 25 years! ❤🌍🌟

Even though the pandemic prevented us from celebrating this achievement to the extent we wanted, we don’t want it to be forgotten!

We are still in the 25th year of Tacugama.

🌟25 years protecting chimpanzees.

🌟25 years protecting their habitat.

🌟25 years of conservation, research, education and woman empowerment.

🌟25 years of making a difference.

We are proud 😊

Follow our Conservation Projects on Instagram – tacugamacop and sign up for our newsletter on the bottom of www.tacugama.com

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We are all patiently waiting for the day we can finally reopen our sanctuary and ecolodges and welcome our visitors.

We miss you 💚

The third wave of COVID in Sierra Leone forced us back into lockdown. Due to the closing of our sanctuary we lost most of our revenues.
With no foreseen income to run the sanctuary, we hope you can help us with a donation. Big or small, every penny counts.

Thank you for your support🙏

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Grattis på födelsedagen Wimbi! 💕

Det är 14 år sedan han räddades av J.A.C.K.

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