J.A.C.K. IN THE COVID-19 / Stress and a challenge constantly! Our employees have been on lockdown for a month, either at the sanctuary or at our private home to protect them from the virus!

Only, all of this has a cost and we are now forced to ask for your help because, alone, Franck & I, we will not make it!

As a result, we have just created an online pot to deal with the virus… We are aware that this pandemic is fragile everyone and we remain convinced that any gesture, even € 5, will allow us to fill all the world in J.A.C.K.!

In advance, we thank you for the support you will be able to provide! Every move counts!!!

THANK YOU for the team and for the chimpanzees chimpanzee.! ♥

Roxan Roxan


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Game 2: Do you know the JACK chimpanzee you can sponsor?
Find out which chimpanzee photos A, B, C and D
To help you here are the 4 names: bay, MATA, ASAP AND LYNN. ♥


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JAK-14 years already
Since we were young, it was the desire to assist orphans, it was the deep desire to save the great monkeys. Two enthusiasts, Franck & I, put our children’s dreams together to help the rd Congo chimpanzee. It was on April 6, 2006, by carrying out the first confiscation ever made of a chimpanzee in Haut Katanga, that our mission was created by saving ”JAK”. A mission full of obstacles, sacrifices and threats that we have always faced, together and with our children!

14 YEARS TODAY WE RESCUED ”JAK”, the first chimp ever confiscated in the Katanga Province. ”JAK” was assassinated in an arson.

However, although Franck & I spent only a few months with this young primate, ”JAK” gave us the strength to continue the fight to save his species… For years, our city, Lubumbashi, was a hub in ape trafficking.

Today, no more chimps have been seen on sale on the streets for the last 6 years. A small victory we we won despite threats, arsons and the soooo many sacrifices we have been through during all these years… ♥ WE LOVE YOU ”JAK” ♥


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