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Meet the group of small orphans. Right now there are ten baby chimps in this group with ages ranging from one to three years old. Ten babies that were born in the wild, surrounded by trees, nature and a group of adult chimps to take care of them. Ten baby chimps that in the last year lost their mother to the bushmeat trade and were rescued from the pet trade. Did you know that a wild baby chimp spends 30% of their time during the day playing? According to recent studies by researchers at Tacugama, these babies only spend an average of 10% of their time playing due to the stressful situation they have been through. It takes alot of love, care and attention to give these babies a chance to grow big, healthy and happy. Fortunately the care staff team are doing a great job. But they can’t do it alone. On average it costs 1500USD per year to take care of each chimpanzee and even more for babies due to extra care needed. And so many babies are a lot of mouths to feed! Please consider donating at www.tacugama.com/donate or become a Chimp Guardian for only 60USD per year! www.tacugama.com/adopt
The orphans will be very thankful. ♥


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