”CESAR”, the other chimpanzee who was to be repatriated with Justine, is doing well and is still waiting to leave Likati (2 days on a motorcycle before arriving in Kisangani) to then take a plane for Kinshasa and another for Lubumbashi.
More than 5000 km await him and we will let you know the start of its journey. We are still waiting for news on “CESAR” from the person who takes care of him in the forest!
Please be aware that although we were unable to repatriate Justine, other individuals remain on our repatriation list. We still need you because they need care (food, vets) and we also need to build new facilities to shelter them all! Our cold seasona is coming! These animals that come out of the hot and humid forest of the DRC do not like the thermal amplitudes that we know here in Lubumbashi and therefore they urgently need a warm building for the night!
Make a gesture and help us to better supervise CESAR and the others! THEY NEED YOU URGENTLY!!!
The link to the fundraising: https://gogetfunding.com/rescue-and-rehabilitation-of-orphaned-baby-chimpanzees/

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