Happy Environment Day! ❤🌍

This year the theme for Environment Day is Ecosystem Restoration – But what does that mean?
Ecosystem restoration refers to helping disturbed, degraded or destroyed ecosystems recover and flourish once more.

At Tacugama we are happy to celebrate this day and raise awareness for it as our outreach projects support this notion.
For instance:
At Loma Mountains National Park we are engaging bio-monitors and communities to plant 70,000 trees over the next two years, in areas of the buffer zone that have suffered more disturbance (Funded by #TuringFoundation).

Equally, for the Sorbengi Oyster Project we encouraged the oyster women to plant mangroves to strengthen the soils and the coastline they live near to (Funded by #IrishAid).

Our goal is to ensure all outreach projects constantly support the recovery of ecosystems, so what a great theme for this Environment Day! By engaging with local communities, step by step we can help the ecosystems of Sierra Leone heal and recover🌳

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