UPDATES ON BAPU (3) – the chimp with the healing shinbone

Bapu is doing fine. Surgery took place more than a week ago and Bapu shows signs of impatience. Her wound is clean but it must be itchy and less painful as Bapu is touching and licking it. We keep our fingers crossed the healing process will keep on going smoothly without any major issue! We do all that we can to change her mind!!



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J.A.C.K. FRIENDS IN SWEDEN, please, read and share Evelina’s #givingdayforapes campaign in order to save chimp DOGUY’s eye!

Keep in mind that every single contribution will give DOGUY the chance not to get blind!

Thank YOU for DOGUY!

And many, many thanks to Evelina for being one of DOGUY’s Ambassadors in Sweden



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Yesterday we talked about DOGUY, our one-eyed resident to whom we have dedicated this year’s GIVING DAY FOR APES (#givingdayforapes) campaign. Every single donation will help our sanctuary cover the different costs of this important surgery (cataract)..

From today on and till D-Day (Sept.25) we are going to tell you DOGUY’s story and how he faced eye issues.

Keep in mind that this huge fundraising event will give DOGUY getting the chance of not becoming blind. Join our fundraiser here:



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HELLO FROM BAPU – who is doing fine. Her wound is clean and gets less swollen day by day!

Many thanks again to all the friends who are sending Love and positive vibes to Bapu!



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”Animals should not require our permission to live on earth. Animals were given the right to be here long before we arrived”
Anthony William Douglas



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Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Come and spend the weekend in our beautiful ecolodges and enjoy a waterfall hike followed by a picnic in the sheltered rainforest. When you return to the sanctuary, warm up with a hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire!!

Then relax over dinner and enjoy the jungle sounds and birdsong. In the morning, tuck into a hearty breakfast and learn about the sanctuary’s work on our guided sanctuary tour.

Check in at 10am on Saturday and check out at 12pm on Sunday.

ONLY $100 per person!!

To book, email info@tacugama.com or phone +232 (0) 88126718

All proceeds support chimpanzee conservation in Sierra Leone!

Tacugama Wet Weekend – Special Rainy Season Package!

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