A bunch of… cabbage is always welcome, isn’t it? Many thanks to dominant TIKA for this kindness

Happy Weekend Everybody! ♥


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Updates on BAPU

Updates on BAPU, the chimpanzee with the broken tibia.

There is a huge progress regarding Bapu’s healing process! The wound of her tibia is now totally clean and closed;  we intend to move her soon to a bigger facility. ♥

However, before doing so, we must be sure Bapu’s bone is strong and has healed up properly. Therefore, our young friend will have to be sedated for a X-Ray. – Of course, we will keep you updated!!! ♥


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#Nalia & Ekolo

Picture of the day: There was some wind and Nalia (left) & Ekolo had dust in their eyes.

Cuties ♥


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Chimp Africa #J.A.C.K

J.A.C.K is taking care of eastern chimpanzees. One distinct trait is that they have a pale face when they are young until they reach adulthood. HERE IS CHIMP AFRICA IN 2009 and 2018! ♥♥♥


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