Updates on BAPU

Updates on BAPU, the chimpanzee with the broken tibia.

There is a huge progress regarding Bapu’s healing process! The wound of her tibia is now totally clean and closed;  we intend to move her soon to a bigger facility. ♥

However, before doing so, we must be sure Bapu’s bone is strong and has healed up properly. Therefore, our young friend will have to be sedated for a X-Ray. – Of course, we will keep you updated!!! ♥


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#Nalia & Ekolo

Picture of the day: There was some wind and Nalia (left) & Ekolo had dust in their eyes.

Cuties ♥


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Chimp Africa #J.A.C.K

J.A.C.K is taking care of eastern chimpanzees. One distinct trait is that they have a pale face when they are young until they reach adulthood. HERE IS CHIMP AFRICA IN 2009 and 2018! ♥♥♥


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#Tacugama – Sierra Leone

We have received another orphan baby chimpanzee!!! It is incredibly worrying that so many chimpanzee mothers are being killed for bushmeat and their babies are ending up in the illegal pet trade. We have received 7 orphans already this year. That is 7 critically endangered chimp families that are no longer in the wild.
Please support Tacugama’s education and community projects to raise awareness of the devastating long term effects that deforestation,
bushmeat and the pet trade are having on the future of wildlife and people. Visit http://www.tacugama.com/communityconservation/ for more information.



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High temperature! #JACK

🌿 Big heat – October is the hottest month because it makes the transition between winter and summer. It’s very hot in the afternoon and the chimpanzees stay either at the expense in the structures covered or enjoy the basins and water towers providing fresh water all day — 🌴



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