The Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary are doing a fantastic job! ♥



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No break! Sunday or not Sunday, when not a drop comes out of the tap, you have to put the plan b in work and go tap somewhere else!

Thank you to our friends who help us with drinking water for the team and for chimpanzees!! Water is a very precious food! Be happy to have some!!!


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We are sooo grateful to the Vinmart Foundation for this beautiful project! Our residents will LOVE this special treat!!

Thank YOU all for THEM! ♥


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A year of care for us cuties
We need your support!
Thank you very much!  <3 <3  











Join the chimpanzees of j.a.c.k and participate in their fundraiser to offer them 1 year of medicines. It takes 1000 € to be able to buy what they need in antibiotics and wormers for the 12 months to come… contribute via our collection (www.lepotcommun.fr/pot/ldhpein1) or donate (www.jackchimp.yolasite.com/donation.php) and receive your receipt Tax… the treatments that the chimps need either do not exist in lubumbashi either they cost 4 times the price of Europe… support them! Thank you for them!

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#Chimpanzee`s in Sierra Leone

Interesting reading.. Chimps in Sierra Leone adapt to human-impacted habitats, but threats remain..

https://news.mongabay.com/2019/07/chimps-in-sierra-leone-adapt-to-human-impacted-habitats-but-threats-remain/?fbclid=IwAR39E6Dya9ocGuzKsbwYGUK3pHsAVsjmhrrV-gwKDw3pN9ieipBM93wquRI   or check out:  https://news.mongabay.com


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#The World Chimpanzee Day!














14/7-world chimpanzee day! ♥
J.A.C.K. in sigean!

This 14/7 I will be present at the African reserve of sigean on the occasion of this international event.

I thank the direction and the whole team of the reserve for this invitation and I also thank all the chimpanzees framed by the reserve to be the ambassadors of the chimpanzees of j.a.c.k. but also chimpanzees from all over the drc and elsewhere in Africa in this event Particular!

Come many, because, as every year, the reserve team organizes a bunch of activities with several surprises in support!

We are waiting for you at the chimpanzees observatory!

See you on Sunday!!



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#Paintings of the chimpanzee Santino













Är det någon därute som har eller vet någon som har en tavla målad av schimpansen Santino i Furuvik? Han gillade att måla under min tid i parken. Hans tavlor såldes och inbringade mycket pengar till olika schimpansprojekt i Afrika. Jag har några kvar i min samling men skulle bli glad att få tag i fler eller i alla fall få fota utav dem. Anledningen är att dom åter ska användas till fundraising för utsatta schimpanser i Afrika.
Här kan ni se en gammal artikel plus två tavlor.
Hör gärna av er till mig om ni har något tips eller vet någon som kan ha en tavla.
Santino saknad och aldrig glömd! ♥/ Ing-Marie

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