Everybody at J.A.C.K, as well as Sweden Chimpanzee Trust wishes you all a great week ahead! ♥


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Nothing better than being able to watch our residents share a good meal together!

With this group picture, J.A.C.K. wishes you a good Monday evening. ♥


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#Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage Trust – Zambia

Nom Nom!

Bananas straight from our Chimfunshi farm on their way to our chimpanzee enclosures!
With the rainy season in full swing our bush lands are lush green and our farm produce is growing non stop, and the chimps love the results 🥬🥭
Photo by Sylvia Jones | @sylviachimfunshi @ Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage Trust


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A bit of history 

Do you remember Seki?

For the more curious, here is a small summary of his history…

This young male was called ”SEC” and as he was too old to change his first name completely, we made it ”SEKI”.

One day, a young expatriate lady came to the project, explaining that she had a baby chimpanzee. Little Seki was no longer a chimp like the others and had become the child of the house. He ate pizzas, sweets, went to the fridge and in the cupboards and watched TV…

”SEC” had his little habits of a spoiled child since he was the only child in the house. After a year of hesitation, the mistress finally decided to give him back to the authorities and then to the project since she realized that he was becoming more and more powerful and that his real place was among its pairs and not in her living room…

So Seki arrived at J.A.C.K., adorable, relentless tenderness, he had to relearn by himself to become a chimpanzee! From the start of his arrival at the sanctuary, we did our best.

Today, J.A.C.K. succeeded , Seki is a beautiful chimpanzee and he’s well in his group and with his family, fully integrated.

Oh, before I finish: SEKI has two physical features: 1 / it has large drooping ears (which makes it recognizable from a distance and 2 / it has the phalanx of the index finger of the right hand severed. No doubt was he caught in a trap …

For more information concerning the sponsorship of our chimps and their stories … it’s here






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The whole team and all the chimpanzees of J.A.C.K. want to thank you for the trust and kindness you give them throughout the year

Happiness, Peace and Success are built every day. So let’s start putting all chances on our side.

We wish you all the best ! ♥

Happy New Year 2020!


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# J.A.C.K

When it’s hot, there’s nothing like having lunch around the water.

Chimpanzees feeds mainly on fruits, leaves and rods… and there’s no doubt, they’re enjoying! ♥


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God Jul & Gott Nytt År!

Sweden Chimpanzee Trust vill tacka alla som har stöttat oss under det gångna året, och passa på att Önska er en riktigt God Jul & ett Gott Nytt År! ♥

Julhäsning SCT (1)

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#J.A.C.K – DRC

1. Monday- flying back to the DRC with a lot of equipment
2. Thursday-driving to the Zambian border to fetch Vet Thalita
3. Friday- first day of health checks thanks to the kind participation of Manon, Lyna, Marielle, Thalita and our wonderful J.A.C.K team… more busy days to come!
#healthckecks #bilandesante #primates #healthy #enforme @ Jack Chimp Sanctuary


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# The Annual PASA SD Conference


Each year we join like-minded, primate professionals & sanctuary managers / directors of sanctuaries/ Rehabilitation centres to share knowledge/ fears & plan strategically the future for African primate sanctuaries in the #pasaalliance.

Thank you PASA Primates: Pan African Sanctuary Alliance for the invitation to us CARE; Centre for Animal Rehabilitation & Education, funding Samantha’s conference fees & your continued support. May we achieve great things for #primates in 2020. ♥
Thank you to Four Fourpaws for hosting the conference at the Lions Rock sanctuary.

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# Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary












Meet the group of small orphans. Right now there are ten baby chimps in this group with ages ranging from one to three years old. Ten babies that were born in the wild, surrounded by trees, nature and a group of adult chimps to take care of them. Ten baby chimps that in the last year lost their mother to the bushmeat trade and were rescued from the pet trade. Did you know that a wild baby chimp spends 30% of their time during the day playing? According to recent studies by researchers at Tacugama, these babies only spend an average of 10% of their time playing due to the stressful situation they have been through. It takes alot of love, care and attention to give these babies a chance to grow big, healthy and happy. Fortunately the care staff team are doing a great job. But they can’t do it alone. On average it costs 1500USD per year to take care of each chimpanzee and even more for babies due to extra care needed. And so many babies are a lot of mouths to feed! Please consider donating at www.tacugama.com/donate or become a Chimp Guardian for only 60USD per year! www.tacugama.com/adopt
The orphans will be very thankful. ♥


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